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Competency-Based Education

A Simple, Free, Powerful Badging System

Badges occupy an interesting space in education. Everybody knows what they are, most people have at least one or two, and they hold a lot of promise for improving education. But they still don't see the widespread use one might expect. Here, we look at a company trying to change that.


A New Way to Start an EdTech Company

Enkidu, an Indian EdTech startup, could revolutionize the way we view business collaboration where time, trust and efficiency are of the utmost of importance in spite of long distances separating collaborators. It could also open up exciting new avenues for education.

Schools Worth Visiting

How The Village School Puts Coding at the Center of Their Approach

Today marks the beginning of Computer Science Education Week. With the future of work rapidly changing, it would be hard to overstate the importance of the subject. To start the week out strong, today we’re highlighting a school that’s placed coding at the core of what they do.

Project-Based Learning

Philadelphia Is Reimagining Arts & Creativity Education Programming

By: Erik Day and Emily Liebtag. With their new Arts & Creativity Framework, Philadelphia is rethinking what arts education means and bringing it into the 21st century with a replicable strategy focused on stakeholder voice, resource allocation and community engagement.

Future of Learning

5 New Teaching Methods Improving Education

For those just getting started in the world of education innovation and improvement, we’ve created this overview of what we feel are five of the most important new teaching methods making a positive impact on students’ learning.

STEM & Maker

A “National Math Storytelling Day” Story

Today is National Math Storytelling Day, an opportunity for us all--though especially the students among us--to get excited about math through stories and games, and help us appreciate all the ways math improves our daily lives.