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Personalized Learning

Da Vinci Schools Expand Opportunities in Los Angeles

Through a commitment to innovation and deeper learning, Da Vinci Schools are working to ensure students are prepared for post-secondary experiences. Tom and Emily share how Da Vinci Schools are expanding opportunities for students throughout Los Angeles.

Project-Based Learning

HQPBL Case Study: Energy Institute High School

The Energy Institute High School is the first-ever high school devoted to preparing students to enter careers in the energy field, and high quality Project Based Learning (HQPBL) is at its core. Learn how schools can partner together with industries to provide HQPBL experiences which prepare students to succeed in their next phase of life.

Project-Based Learning

Framework for High Quality PBL in Spanish

More than 60 countries and thousands of educators around the world are committed to HQPBL; therefore, we are working to translate the Framework and provide additional resources to make sure the Framework is accessible to all. Today, we are excited to release the Framework in Spanish.

Project-Based Learning

HQPBL Case Study: ACE Leadership High School

ACE Leadership High School primarily serves students who have already or seemingly were on their way to, dropping out of high school. On average, students at ACE have been enrolled in three or more high schools and frequently claim that school wasn’t working for them. Many hold jobs, sometimes even two, and typically come from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Project-Based Learning

HQPBL Case Study: Liceo Pablo Neruda

In a number of locations across Chile, several organizations and schools have embraced PBL—and officials in the country’s Ministry of Education are gearing up to implement capstone project experiences in the last two years of high school.