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Project-Based Learning

HQPBL Case Study: Albemarle County Public Schools

The walls are covered with products and classrooms are buzzing with voices and sounds of collaboration. Students are working on integrated projects tied to passions, interests and real-world causes. This is a common scene found in most classrooms in Albemarle County Public Schools, located at the base of Shenandoah National Park in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Project-Based Learning

HQPBL Case Study: The MET School

Projects at The Met are connected to individual student goals, and each project includes specific skills students need to address. How does it work, exactly? Students are grouped in small cohorts (or essentially small communities), each with a bonding name like Unity or Liberty. Cohorts collaborate to tackle problems, support each other, and collaborate on projects.

Project-Based World

HQPBL Case Study: School21

Through high quality Project Based Learning, students are developing robust and deep subject knowledge that is both cross-curricular in nature and can easily be applied to real-world problems and challenges.

Place Based Education

A Place-Based Micro-School in the Heart of D.C.

Whether at the early childhood or the high school level, we see that leaders are listening to their students and developing responsive microschool models. Have a good learning idea? Try it with six kids tomorrow.

Early Learning

Early Childhood: What We Know, and What’s Possible

We know early learning matters… and it matters a lot. We also know that all early learning experiences and are not created equal, nor are they available to all students and families. This post is the first in a series looking at how we can do better.

Personalized Learning

Personalized and Blended Learning Practices

Trying to get started with blended and personalized learning, but not sure where to start? The Learning Accelerator unpacks and shares real examples from the field to further assist educators looking to do this work.

Future of Learning

The Future of Learning Is…

The world and work are ever-changing and increasingly dynamic, yet the need to prepare students for this world remains constant. And while the future of learning is hard to predict, such predictions are important for informing a path forward.