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Competency-Based Education

The Vision of Performance-Based Education at District 51

During my visit to District 51 in Colorado to observe its shift to competency-based education, I learned more about how leadership is shaping the overall vision to create a culture that includes growth mindset and social & emotional learning.

Competency-Based Education

Building Community Consensus for District Change

I visited Mesa County Valley School District 51 in Colorado for a week to observe its shift to competency-based education. Here are highlights on how leadership is building consensus and shaping community engagement for input on changes.


Looking Under the Hood

A review of the AIR and NMEF research study that examines the relationship between CBE practices and changes in learning capacities, such as the skills, behaviors and dispositions that enhance student capacity to learn in school.


Multiple Pathways to Competency-Based Education?

Competency education is a paradigm shift – it is a change in the underlying assumptions. This means there has to be a way to shake off the old assumptions, which is tricky to do when all of us have grown up in the traditional education system.

Personalized Learning

A Reflection on the Field of Competency Education

By: Chris Sturgis. In perhaps the year's best blog on competency education, we examine the expansion of CompetencyEd, progress by leading organizations, the greatest weakness currently in the field and current Issues going forward.