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Chris Sturgis was the co-founder of CompetencyWorks, the go-to source about competency education. Her knowledge of modern education models have developed by visiting over 100 schools that are leading the way in the U.S. and New Zealand. In 2018, she was awarded Outstanding Individual Contribution to Personalized Learning Award by iNACOL (now Aurora Institute). You can find more articles about personalized, mastery learning approaches at LearningEdge.

Supporting Teachers with Professional Learning at District 51

As Mesa County Valley School District 51 continues its shift to a competency-based education model, it is also shifting its focus on professional development to professional learning for educators.

Laying the Foundation for Competency Education with Culture and Climate

As they transition to a competency-based learning model, Mesa County Valley School District 51 is also focusing on creating a robust, empowered culture of learning with growth mindset, social and emotional learning and Habits of Mind at its very core.

Holacracy: Organizing For Change At District 51

Holacracy is a system for self-organizing, so that as context changes, so can the organization. Here is more on how Mesa Valley County School District 51 is implementing this model internally as they shift to a competency-based education system.

Growing Into The Framework: A District’s CBE Implementation Strategy

In its journey to shift to a competency-based learning model, Mesa County Valley School District 51 leadership is working to ensure there is strong support in place for all of its 44 schools as they grow into this new framework.

The Vision of Performance-Based Education at District 51

During my visit to District 51 in Colorado to observe its shift to competency-based education, I learned more about how leadership is shaping the overall vision to create a culture that includes growth mindset and social & emotional learning.

Building Community Consensus for District Change

I visited Mesa County Valley School District 51 in Colorado for a week to observe its shift to competency-based education. Here are highlights on how leadership is building consensus and shaping community engagement for input on changes.

Catalyzing Mastery-Based Learning: NYC’s Mastery Collaborative

As part of my NYC Mastering Mastery-Based Learning tour series, this blog discusses how the NYC Department of Education created the Mastery Collaborative to support schools ready to take on the new frontier of mastery-based learning.