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Andrew Larson is a Science and Language Arts Facilitator at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School, part of New Tech Network. Follow him on Twitter: @andrewmlarson

How Are We Training Today’s Students for the Growing Gig Economy of Tomorrow

Having spent the last ten years trying to adapt to the changing economy, Andrew Larson shares the lessons his New Tech Network school has learned during their Project-Based Learning journey that they have felt prepares students for the Gig Economy and a changing world in general.

Smart Review | Istation’s Timeless Tales 2.0: NexLevel

During my career as a science and language arts instructor, I have come to appreciate educational games as instructional tools. Especially ones that are immersive, authentic and highly interactive. Here, I look at a new one worth checking out.

Every School Needs a Garden

When our school opened in 2008, we knew we wanted a garden. Since then, I have come to believe quite ardently that growing food is an important life skill, as it is a perfect way to teach students how to use wherever they're at for rich learning experiences.

Smart Review | Fire Forensics: Evidence and Claims

Fire Forensics adds a lens of reality to what Hollywood may want us to believe is a glamourous field, while doing nothing to diminish its allure and appeal.
Goals Resolutions

3 New Resolutions After 10 Years of Teaching PBL

It's my 20th year of teaching and 10th year of implementing project-based learning (PBL) in the classroom. Here are three goals I've set for myself to refine and retool my teaching practice.

Smart Review | Is There PBE In Your Water?

Teacher and parent Andrew Larson takes advantage of his family's vacation to do a fun product review and get in some place-based education practice that could benefit his biology classroom.

Smart Review | Sparking Student Coding Skills with the Sparki Robot

I recently brought the Sparki programmable robot to my classroom for some expert student review and discovered that Sparki is an engaging and rewarding introduction to computer programming and robotics.