Smart List | 60 People Shaping the Future of K-12 Education

Innovation in learning—we think it’s the most important stuff happening on the planet. As a result, we’ve updated our Smart List of the people doing the best work on the planet. Every month, we will publish Smart Lists celebrating people and organizations doing good work in specific areas of education.

Today, we are recognizing 60 thought leaders and change-makers shaping the future of K-12 education.

Nonprofit Thought Leaders Defining What’s Next in K-12:

Regional and rising nonprofit leaders:

Lots of school district and network leaders belong on this list–stay tuned for upcoming Smart Lists!

More Relevant Than Ever in K-12

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Kristen McCarver

Thank you Getting Smart for this fantastic list! I'd like to propose the addition of Terry Ryan, Amanda Cox, and Brad Petersen of Bluum in Boise, ID. Terry is a wealth of experience and knowledge with over 20 years in the education sector; Brad and Amanda are professional educators working toward founding a brand-new, innovative school in the Boise community. I'm sure they'd love to connect with you!

Bridget Goldhahn

Please consider adding Jonathan Supovitz and Bobbi Newman of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania. Supovitz and Newman lead CPRE Knowledge Hub (CPRE hub)—the next groundbreaking initiative in Education. CPRE Hub is a unique platform specifically designed to unite research, policy, and practice through creating experiences that create new knowledge.

Theresa Carter

It would be wonderful if you'd consider Heather Staker, whose seminal research in blended learning led to the book Blended, with co-author Michael Horn. Her organization, Ready to Blend, trains people who want to faciltiate their own school transformation using the blended models. Her vision of empowering schools has the potential to deeply impact how schools best meet each student's needs.

Erik Day

We appreciated the recommendation to add Jonathan Supovitz and Bobbi Newman and their work at the innovative CPRE Knowledge Hub to this year's list.

Donate Books

Thank you for sharing this list of smart 60 People that can help in Shaping the Future of K-12 Education.

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