The Trifecta: A Triple-Threat Interactive Learning Structure

Have you ever seen an interactive learning structure that fosters academic debates, encourages a deeper analysis of the standards, and challenges students with seemingly insurmountable team tasks? A “triple-threat” structure this strong warrants the perfect name.
Introducing “The Trifecta.”
A new learning design from Studio 113, “The Trifecta” guides student teams through three rigorous rounds that demand participation, require upper-level thinking skills, and reinvigorate students’ often dormant creativity.
Just take a look at some of the highlights from our recent study of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” speech or dive on into the video tutorials below.
Either way, you’ll see that awesomeness comes in threes.

An Introduction and How-To Video Tutorial

Need any pertinent copies? Feel free to download the overview slideshow and the scoresheet.

Round 1 Examples: The Debate: Agree or Disagree

Round 2 Examples: Strictly-Standards Round

For these particular examples, students discuss rhetorical strategies found in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” speech. Feel free to adjust this round to suit the needs of your classroom, whether it be art, physical education, math, history, science, language arts or absolutely any other content area that warrants a jam-up learning structure.

Round 3 Examples: The Challenge

For this round, not only should the students be creative, but the teachers should show their creative abilities, too. By proposing challenging (and often wacky) assignments, teachers will lead the way and inspire students to return the originality with enthusiasm and engagement. What are some of the things we do in Studio 113? Rap songs, movie trailers, Nerfball discussions, putter challenges, the speaker/the whisperer/the visual re-enactments, and a number of improvisational games from Whose Line Is It Anyway? Go ahead. Create something awesome that will make your students’ eyes resemble a deer in headlights.
Yep! YOU have been challenged. Now challenge your students.

The Judges In-Action

Teamwork and Collaboration

Best of the Trifecta

A 360° Video Gallery in ThingLink

For more, see:

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John Hardison

John Hardison is an interactive facilitator of learning and blended learning specialist at East Hall High School (Studio 113 & EPiCC).

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