PBL Quick Start Guide For Teachers

Download the PBL Quick Start Guide for Teachers
In Preparing Teachers for a Project-Based World, we wrote about the necessary shifts needed in preparation and development in order for educators to help create project-based, deeper learning environments for our students.
Teachers also deserve learning experiences that help them develop PBL mindsets, that are inclusive of the five design principles and overall get to participate in more projects-based learning themselves (see images below).

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Many of these shifts will take time, revised policies and sustained commitment to change. However, when done well, teachers will enter the profession and begin their careers in classrooms much more prepared.

Mock PBL Teacher Graduate ResumeresumeWe realize that educators need ideas for what steps they can take. Therefore, we created a PBL Quick Start Guide for Teachers interested in starting or continuing their journey to become more project-ready.

Tips for using this guide:

  1. Determine a few goals from the Quick Start Guide that you want to work on
  2. Make a plan for how you will work to accomplish your goals
  3. Identify what evidence or artifacts you will collect to demonstrate you are progressing towards your PBL goals
  4. Share what you worked on or collected with your team or colleagues

Suggested uses:

  • Plan PBL goals for the year and identify aspects of PBL you’d like to work on
  • Determine what evidence and artifacts you will collect to demonstrate your progress
  • Reflect and celebrate  your existing PBL accomplishments or successes
  • Work with a PBL PLN to set team goals
  • Talk with an administrator or leader about possible PBL professional learning you’d like to participate in
  • Use the ideas to advocate for professional learning or preparation that is project-based


Download the PBL Quick Start Guide for Teachers

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