6 Reasons Why Google Classroom is a Great Tool for Teachers

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By Kara Masterson
In today’s changing world, students need to leave school with a set of technological skills that can help them compete in the world’s job market. For teachers, there’s a free fantastic resource that can help us give students those skills: Google Classroom.
Here are six benefits of this tool when used in the classroom:
1. Exposure to an Online Learning Platform
Today, many colleges require students to take at least one online class during the course of their degree work. In fact, if you get a master’s degree in education, some of your coursework could be online. Unfortunately, many students have never had any experience with online education. That is why you really want to make sure to give your students as much exposure to it as possible at a young age. Google Classroom is an easy way to help students with this transition because it is super user-friendly, making it a great intro to technology.
2. Easy Access to Materials
Because everything is posted online, Google Classroom gives students access to materials no matter where they are. Gone are the days of lost rubrics or worksheets. Students who are absent can easily access classroom materials from home if necessary–this can really help save both you and your students a lot of stress in the long run.
3. Differentiation
Because you can set up many different classrooms, Google Classroom is a great tool for differentiation. If you’re working on a concept in class and have groups working at two different levels, simply create two different classes for that unit. That way you can better reach out to those who are struggling with their own kind of work without making them feel bad or stupid.
This can help you give out assignments on a more individual basis and really reach out to certain students as well. You can even split everyone into groups that you think they will be able to work the best in. Google Classroom is a great, flexible way to ensure that every student gets just what they need, and you can easily delete and recreate classes as you see fit.
4. Less Paper
When used to run an entire class, Google Classroom can virtually get rid of paper consumption. As long as students have access to the internet, all classwork can be handled online. This means no copies and ultimately less money for your district.
5. No Lost Work
Students can’t lose work if they don’t physically have it in their presence. Since they are usually working in Google Drive, everything saves automatically and excuses dwindle. With a few short lessons concerning how to properly use these online tools, students can experience more success getting organized.
6. Engagement
It’s been proven time and time again that students are engaged by technology. Google Classroom can help students become and stay engaged in the learning process. If you have students answer questions in Classroom, for example, other students can comment on these answers and deepen thought for both students.
Overall, using Google Classroom is definitely worthwhile. It can save you a lot of time and energy, and can help you to better prepare your students for the future.
Kara Masterson is a freelance blogger. Follow her on Twitter: @KaraMasterson

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Mr. Van Laere

From Mr. Van Laere, Google Classroom will benefit all of us if we can easily connect to each other, I need to learn more about the online tools like google drive.


Great content. Thanks for sharing it with us.


It is remarkable of all the things you can do in Google Classroom.


Today's teaching regarding school and professional development involves using the 4 Cs. "Communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity " ( Kasey Bell). Apply one of these concepts in an individual's learning. This is 21st century learning. What a disservice to the learner if teaching is stuck in the past.


The classroom app allows students to attend the class and allows them to upload the projects done by them for teachers to check. Learn, collaborate, share, and eventually grow knowledge – these are the core values one enjoys by subscribing to this app.

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