Getting Smart on Learner-Centered STEM

Authored by Getting Smart, in partnership with Harmony Public Schools
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What do you get when you mix project-based deeper learning, STEM, college prep and personalized learning in a small supportive environment?
You get the largest high performing school network you’ve probably never heard of–Harmony Public Schools. The first Harmony school opened in Houston in 2000 with just 200 students. Now, 46 schools serve over 30,000 students  K-12 (and even more than that on the waiting list).
Getting Smart and Harmony Public Schools partnered to share more about Harmony’s “Learner-Centered STEM” model to inform and inspire others. The seven blogs in the series that are bundled in this collection introduce Harmony’s STEMSOS model and explore Getting Smart’s findings after visiting and working with teachers and leaders to discover and unpack 11 key elements of learner-centered STEM.
The bundle features student, teacher and leader perspectives on student and teacher roles in a learner-centered setting as well as the importance of topics like school culture, distributive leadership, teacher professional learning, STEM partnerships and more.
The bundle also shares videos and images of the impressive STEM projects that Harmony students create with support of their teachers and expert mentors and links to more information on the events, STEM festivals and competitions available to students.

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