Infographic | Empowering Principals with High-Quality Data

There’s a growing awareness of student data as a critical component of powerful learning.  That’s because access to information about student learning informs everything from a teacher’s daily planning to a family’s conversation about how best to support their child–and everything in between.

While students, parents and teachers certainly stand to benefit from access to student data, a new infographic from our friends at Data Quality Campaign (DQC) illustrates the benefits to school leaders, particularly in terms of how student data can act as a powerful touchstone for setting goals and informing key decisions.

As DQC explains, “Principals have access to more quality data than ever, on factors like student and teacher performance, professional development needs, budget and resources, attendance and more.” When principals put this data to use, teachers and students do better.

But what does that actually look like over the course of a school year?

Mr. Maya’s Data-Rich Year follows a principal (Mr. Maya) to show how data helped enable teachers and students to set and meet individual and school goals—and continually improve as a result.  

The infographic highlights ways that principals can employ student data to impact learning, such as:

  • creating teacher “data teams” to analyze data in an effort to inform instructional planning;
  • determining hiring needs (recruiting and retaining talent) based on evidence from student data;
  • building student schedules in line with detailed information about individual student needs; and
  • matching professional development opportunities to needs specifically determined by teachers.

To download the full  infographic, click here. For more on Educational Data and related topics such a student data privacy, state actions to ensure effective data use and tools for talking about student data, check out more resources from Data Quality Campaign.

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