What does real and authentic engagement look like- for students and adults? How can we create and sustain high levels of engagement? Why do people engage in learning something? What are some ways educators and education leaders can structure learning experiences to optimize engagement? And finally, what does all the brain research say about engagement?

Tom has taken this topic on–with lots of team feedback and discussion–in Why Do Human Beings Engage? 26 Impulses that Sustain Engagement and Engagement Templates: 6 Ways to Structure Learning Experiences. So, we created an infographic to highlight and engage. What do you think? Leave us a comment below and share thoughts on Twitter @Getting_Smart.

why do human beings engage-1000pxw

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  1. This is wonderful. Engagement is a tricky word – it can be the result of low-level compliance that extinguishes agency or it can be the result of agency itself. It’s a complex topic and its great to see these various dimensions outlined so succinctly.


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