Agilix Launches Updated Personalized Learning Solution

Agilix announced the launch of Buzz, a personalized learning solution designed to focus on relationships and learning outcomes by supporting teachers in their efforts to keep students at the center of the learning experience.

“Teachers are the foundation of our country’s education system and they deserve quality tools to help them keep up with ever-increasing expectations,” said Curt Allen, CEO of Utah-based Agilix. “Buzz is going to make America’s teachers very happy,” Allen said.

Personalized Learning

The future of formative assessment combined with mastery tracking provides an opportunity for a deeper level of personalization for every student, every day. The Buzz solution allows educators to work efficiently and effectively to empower students by connecting to interests and passions while driving ownership and accountability. We are at an interesting time in history, in which the way students learn is drastically shifting. The combination of powerful technology with passionate teachers is creating a new path for personalization.

Why Buzz

AGX-Buzz-horizontal-logo_color_500pxWe have always appreciated Agilix’s work to build a solution that increases student ownership and motivation while making the work of personalizing learning more efficient for educators (here are the 8 things that we found particularly exciting). And, with the release of this version of Buzz, we anticipate big things! Including the ability to:

  • Encourage student ownership. Teachers are easily able to curate work as students follow their unique path to specific learning objectives, choosing from multiple content options to craft their own tailored approach.
  • Offer helpful feedback. Buzz empowers students to regularly assess their own interest, effort and understanding then provides feedback teachers can use to coach them to a successful outcome.
  • Foster teacher-student interaction. Teachers can hover less and coach more, heeding student-triggered alerts at learning checkpoints to offer insight, award a badge or start a discussion.
  • Span multiple education models. Whether educators teach from a blended, competency, proficiency/ mastery, or project-based method, Buzz adapts to them, offering templates that can be used as-is or adapted to individual students, groups or the whole classroom.

In the Classroom

No one can tell the story better than teachers, check out these three videos from teachers who are all about Buzz.

“I don’t base success in my classroom off test scores.” – Kayla, a 5th and 6th grade special education teacher.

“There’s no 8 to 5 for teachers.” – McKenzie, an elementary school teacher turned Buzz Specialist.

For more about Buzz, follow @Agilix #AllTheBuzz and check out:

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