Meriden Public Schools Launches “Take Charge of Your Learning” Campaign

Meriden Public Schools serves an urban center between New Haven and Hartford Connecticut. As discussed in March, Meriden is committed to creating student-centered learning environments where technology and digital content engage, challenge, and support all students and staff.

To support these efforts, the Meriden Public Schools is launching a “Take Charge of Your Learning” campaign. Staff and students are pledging to be continuous learners and embrace the recent changes in teaching and learning. Teacher leaders will facilitate the I’m Charged classrooms throughout the school district. These classrooms will serve as model learning and teaching sites for other teachers in the Meriden Public Schools as well as other districts. By creating a collaborative learning culture, the Meriden Public Schools is braced for a successful digital transformation.

The digital transformation that supports student-centered learning has four components:

  • Student choice and voice leading to greater engagement
  • Teacher development to support 21st Century Learning
  • Flexible learning spaces to support personalization
  • Collaboration amongst students, staff, families, and community partners

The I’m Charged initiative spotlights innovative teachers and engaging classroom:

  • Effective use of technology in 1:1 classrooms
  • Rigorous instruction with timely feedback
  • Student-led learning opportunities
  • Expanded learning outside the classroom

Staff and students are encouraged to “Take Charge of your Learning.​” Innovative teachers are recognized through the I​’m Charged initiative and embody the concepts of student-centered learning by:
Meriden criteria

Meriden anticipates that teachers will progress through three stages:

Step 1: Plug in

  • Engage in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning
  • Effectively utilize multiple grouping strategies
  • Leveraging technology to communicate with students and parents

Step 2: Charging

  • Contribute to the MPS learning community by sharing best practices with colleagues
  • Use classroom space creatively to create engaging learning environments
  • Assess student progress using digital tools for timely feedback and to inform instruction
  • Effectively integrate digital content in the classroom environment

Step 3: Fully Charged

  • Provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding outside of the classroom
  • Allow students to demonstrate mastery in multiple ways
  • Use technology to provide meaningful learning experiences for students
  • Create digital content

A thoughtful collaborative approach continues to guide Meriden’s path to student-­centered learning.

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