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Fuel Education (FuelEd) supports blended learning partnerships with school districts. They offer a big library of online courses and the PEAK personalized learning platform. They can train your teachers or provide online teachers for any subject.

We took a look at PEAK as part of our series on #LearningPlatforms. Rather than a full learning management system (LMS), PEAK is a dashboard that provides an up to date and personalized experience for administrators, teachers, and students. FuelEd uses PEAK with Blackboard but it integrates with other LMS and SIS.

Mike DePalma, Senior Director of Product Management, calls PEAK a “productivity platform” because it give learners more control and make it easier for teachers to administer. A personalization engine makes it easy to modify courses with content and assessments to differentiate instruction. Interactive dashboards record progress and provide quick access to student and teacher tools.

Built in response to a big increase in district-delivered online learning, PEAK allows teachers to choose from a big library of proprietary content as well as open education resources, including Khan Academy, Britannica School, and YouTube. Content authoring tools make it easy for teachers to build courses from scratch.

An assessment builder allows teachers to construct a quiz by subject, level, and standards.

New modules and assessments can also be easily incorporated into existing courses.

All of the middle school content has been updated using mobile friendly responsive design. Middle school content also includes LearnBop, a grade 5-9 math tutoring system. High school content has also been updated, and will soon include LearnBop and be made mobile friendly.

Teachers can monitor learning activity (e.g., started a module, watched a video) and easily monitor academic health including pace, progress, performance, and mastery.

Interventions can be planned based on students who are speeding, idle, behind, struggling, underperforming, disengaged, and failing. Teachers can develop program-specific rules to address specific challenges (e.g., disengaged students that may drop).

Assessment results yield mastery dashboards by subskill. Most districts will translate results to a traditional gradebook, but the progress monitoring tools look like a good step toward a competency-based learning solution.

District partners. FuelEd works with more than 2000 school districts including:

  • Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver, WA uses FuelEd for credit recovery, world language, and blended learning.
  • Middle School 385 in New York used LearnBop as a personalized in-class online tutoring program to help students master mathematics concepts, resulting in dramatically improved state math exam scores.
  • Poudre School District Global Academy is a blended K-12 school that has achieved one of the top growth scores in the state of Colorado.
  • St. Louis Public Schools partners with FuelEd on credit recovery and dropout prevention.
  • Trigg County High School uses FuelEd to extend learning opportunities during the year and through the summer. It was named a District of Innovation by the state of Kentucky.

Other fronts. FuelEd partner Middlebury Interactive has seen strong growth in world language enrollment. This month Middlebury released digital curriculum and professional development resources for English Language Learners, which will be available to FuelEd district partners through PEAK.

FuelEd enjoys a strong relationship with online special needs provider PresenceLearning, Getting Smart Advocacy Partner.

The partnership supports live online speech therapy, online occupational therapy and other special education related services. PresenceLearning will also soon be accessible through PEAK.

Last month FuelEd released a white paper, How to Successfully Scale Personalized Learning: Six Key Lessons from Effective Programs, exploring how schools and districts are not only implementing online and blended learning programs to address students’ individual needs, but also successfully scaling the personalized learning experience delivered through those programs. In addition to the paper, an infographic, Powerful Partnerships to Boost Personalized Learning, illustrates key benefits of personalized learning and of working with partners to build those programs.

Since launching PEAK Library three years ago, FuelEd has added a wealth of robust content options and has reported that use has recently increased exponentially.

This blog is part of the Learning Platforms Series brought to you by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For more, stay tuned in for the final published project, Getting Smart on Next-Gen Learning Platforms and check out additional posts in the series:

FuelEd is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner

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