It will soon be easier to create a sequence of powerful learning experiences for students — and do it consistently well at scale. More than a thousand people powered by a half a billion dollars of venture funding are hard at work on next-gen platforms.

For the next six weeks we’ll be reviewing progress on next-gen learning platforms. We’ve already discussed how learning will work in the near future,  what next-gen learning platforms should do, and how and why students should own their own learning record.

What are we looking for? The districts and school developers we’re working with want a platform that:

  • Powers personal learning plans
  • Supports development of standards-aligned projects
  • Makes it easy to to combine proprietary, open, district, and teacher developed content
  • Combines formative assessment in a standards-based grade book
  • Integrates with other system, provides single sign-on for lots of apps, and
  • Connect students, parents, and teachers anywhere on any device.

The series includes product reviews on leading platforms including:

What should we add to the list? Comment below or tweet us with @Getting_Smart with #LearningPlatforms.


This blog is part of the Learning Platforms Series brought to you by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For more, stay tuned in for the final published project, Getting Smart on Next-Gen Learning Platforms and check out additional posts in the series:


  1. I’d like to see how Schoology stacks up against those on your list. If Edmodo is on that list, I’m pretty sure Schoology should be.


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