Calling All Smart Parents!

Calling all parents! In partnership with The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Team Getting Smart is pleased to announce the launch of a new blog series and book project!
The “Smart Parents” series and culminating book, tentatively titled “Parenting for Powerful Learning,” will act as a resource to guide parents in creating, choosing and advocating for powerful, student-centered learning experiences for their children.
Building off Nellie Mae’s Student-Centered Learning framework, we’ll support parents identify and advocate for powerful learning experiences–Personalized Learning (My Way), Student Ownership of Learning (My Plan), Competency-Based Learning (My Pace), Anytime-Anywhere Learning (My Place). We’ll offer suggestions for parents of students at different points of their educational journey–from young learners to young adult learners–around understanding options, assessing options, creating options and making decisions.
Our goal is to make this project by parents and for parents. We aren’t just theorizing about what parents need; we’re asking them.  This is where you all come in. Over the next several months, we’ll be inviting guest blog contributions on topics directly related to the Smart Parents project.
If you have stories to tell about your own decision-making processes as a parent helping your student to navigate through their educational journey, email us using [email protected] with subject line “Smart Parents” and follow the conversation using #SmartParents on Twitter. Keep an eye out for more information and specific prompts that will invite you to share your challenges and successes for consideration as a Smart Parents feature on our blog and in the book we’ll publish in Summer 2015. In the meantime, we’d love to see your comments here about topics you’d like us to be sure to cover.
Our core work focuses on connecting people to resources that empower them to improve learning opportunities for all kids. We create lots of resources for lots of people interested in education–including teachers, schools & district leaders, policy-makers, companies and education organizations. We’re always excited to hear about parents engaging with our work and are thrilled that we will now be creating something with parents as the primary audience!
Interested in contributing? Here are some suggestions on blog ideas:
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Don’t Let a Piece of Paper Put Children Into an Educational Box

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Jason Ellingson

This is a great idea. I love how you will be engaging parents - important stakeholders in this change process - to share their stories. As a district leader working to implement CBE in my district, I look forward to hearing these stories as well as advocating for our parents to share theirs.
Many thanks!

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