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As school breaks, away messages turn on, and you kick back with those you love, this time of year is for giving and getting smart! Over the past twelve days we’ve took to Twitter to spread holiday cheer with #SmartSeason by sharing resources worth bookmarking. Below are our “Top 12” resources we’ve shared since the first of the month. Please feel free to sing along…
On the first day of the #SmartSeason, Allie shared with me — a book of Smart Ci-it-ties
Smart Cities that Work for Everyone. This book was created from a two year investigation project launched to discover the civic formula required to dramatically boost learning outcomes and employability. It highlights seven elements to education and employment and contains contributions from city and education leaders.

On the second day of the #SmartSeason, Jessica shared with me — stories of next gen lear-ern-ning
Lighting The Path to Personalized Learning. The purpose of this report is to share the challenges and successes of next gen schools to bring light to the lessons learned through their development and transformation while providing inspiration to all those interested in making education better for students across the world.

On the third day of the #SmartSeason, Megan shared with me — ideas to improve access & qualit-ity
Using Prize & Pull Mechanisms to Boost Learning. This paper provides specific guidance regarding the adoption of Common Core State Standards and the shift to personal digital learning. Authors discusses how targeted incentives for innovation can mobilize talent and resources to improve access and quality.

On the fourth day of the #SmartSeason, Getting Smart shared with me — tools to assess deeper learn-ning
Assessing Deeper Learning: A Survey of Performance Assessment and Mastery Tracking Tools. Until recently, it was deemed unattractive to invest in performance assessments, resulting in a gap between program expectations and availability of tools to serve this emerging niche. This paper outlines the needs of this type of platform as the shift to Deeper Learning and the application of educational technology continues to progress.

On the fifth day of #SmartSeason, Tyler shared with me — examples of Deeper Learn-ning
Deeper Learning for Every Student Every Day. This paper is dedicated to dispelling the myths around Deeper Learning and showing it can happen anywhere with any students and all teachers.

On the sixth day of the #SmartSeason, Jen shared with me — effective social media strat-egy
Getting Smart on Social Media. A guide to help you use all the social media channels effectively and strategically.

On the seventh day of the #SmartSeason, Getting Smart shared with me  — expanded access opportun-unities
Modern Policy for Modern Learners. The purpose of this report is to describe the opportunities for expanded access to a high-quality education created by high-access, connected learning environments.

On the eighth day of the #SmartSeason, Tyler shared with me — plans for effective advis-ory
Core and More: Guiding and Personalizing College & Career Readiness. This paper offers details on processes, existing tools and current examples of best practices for creating a next-generation system of student guidance and support. The authors describe the opportunities and challenges, and explain how more robust guidance systems can play a critical role in tracking progress, boosting college and career readiness, and empowering better choices.

On the ninth day of the #SmartSeason, Getting Smart shared with me  — the reality of online learn-ning
Online Learning: Myths, Reality, and Promise. This paper challenges current myths and realities that will advance the field of online learning. In doing so, the authors are candid about the strengths of online learning and offer recommendations on aspects that need additional attention to further strengthen it.

On the tenth day of the #SmartSeason, Jessica shared with me  — a framework for smart buy-ying
Guide to EdTech Procurement. The goal of this paper is to create a framework for EdTech purchasing by offering practical advice to guide key decisions, sharing lessons learned from districts that have already made the digital shift, discussing the implications for blended learning, and providing examples of best practices in education policy that support smart procurement.

On the eleventh day of the #SmartSeason, Jen shared with me  — a new way to look at PD for tea-each-ing
Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning. This paper outlines how the role of teachers is changing amid broader shifts to personalized, blended, and deeper learning. For teacher development to evolve accordingly, it is that professional learning opportunities echo the type of personalized learning that is recommended for students.

♫ On the twelfth day of #SmartSeason, Tyler shared with me — how world language instructors can lead the way ♫
Elevate and Empower: World Language Instructors as Key Players in the Shift to Competency-Based, Blended Learning. This paper and infographic share findings based on a series of interviews with practicing world language educators as these “Leaders in the Shift” stories describe teacher-driven transformation from traditional world language instruction to blended, competency-based models.

  #SmartSeason isn’t over! Take to Twitter to share your favorite resources. For more resources, visit the Getting Smart Publications portal.

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