EdTech 10: ‘Tis The #SmartSeason

To mark the beginning of December and the holiday season, Team Getting Smart is sharing resources on Twitter! Join in sharing your favorites, follow with #SmartSeason, and stay tuned for a blog recapping the resources shared next week. This week’s news:

Blended Schools & Tools

1. Hot Off The Press. TNTP released “Reimagining Teaching in a Blended Learning Setting” that provides best practices for school leaders for recruiting and selecting blended learning teachers.

2. That’s a Wrap. During October and November we shared about 20 “Best Of” lists for our 2nd Annual Smart Lists that featured leaders, companies, organizations and sites that we appreciate doing innovative work.

3. Personalized Progress. Report on New Classrooms’ Teach to One program from the Teachers College, Columbia University, shares progress in disadvantaged student outcomes with personalized models.    

Digital Developments

4. Hour of Code. “It’s almost here…” begins Getting Smart Teacher Blogger Greg Garner (@classroom_tech) his latest blog in the final countdown to the event that is set to engage tens of millions worldwide.

5. The Game Plan. Randell Lane (@RandellLane) answers in Forbes, what exactly in education should we be investing in? And if we did, how much specifically would society gain from it?

Smart Cites

6. Smart Sac City. Kevin Johnson, Mayor of Sacramento and USMC President talked with Tom about Common Core and his mission to make Sac Town a “city that works for everyone.”

Higher, Deeper, Further, Faster Learning

7. MOOCs Moving On Up. Microsoft has announced a new partnership with edX that will empower educators to create interactive lectures using video, voice, digital ink, and screen recordings.

8. Down Under DevelopmentSmart Sparrow, new Australia-based adaptive platform enables authoring of tutorials within existing coursework has BIG potential to impact HigherEd.

Research & Reports

9. That’s Write! Pearson’s 2014 Writing Space Efficacy Implementation and Results Report is out! Featuring institutions and educators that have improved student performance in writing after the implementation of Writing Space.

10. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Parents are taking advantage of the opportunity to choose among district and charter public schools. Check out CRPE’s report that compares the varied experience in eight cities.

Pearson is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner.

Getting Smart Staff

The Getting Smart Staff believes in learning out loud and always being an advocate for things that we are excited about. As a result, we write a lot. Do you have a story we should cover? Email [email protected]

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