Getting Smart is acknowledging people and organizations making a difference with the second annual Smart Lists. During October and November you’ll see about 20 ‘Best of’ lists, not in order, not exhaustive, just people we appreciate doing innovative work.

Today we are recognizing 10 platforms for teachers to share lessons, 10 apps for students to show what they know, and 10 tools for tracking achievement.

Sharing Lessons & Reviews

Show What You Know Portfolio

Gradebooks & Achievement Tracking


This Smart List was published in partnership with Getting Smart Services. Getting Smart provides advocacy, advisory, consulting and public relations services to turn ideas into impact. We help for-profit and non-profit organizations construct cohesive and forward-thinking strategies for branding, awareness, advancement and communications.

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  1. Edulastic provides next generation formative assessments for schools & districts. Teachers can inform their Common Core instruction while meeting students’ individual learning needs on a daily basis. Districts can help prepare their students for the new online testing experience by administering and tracking interim assessments (making key changes to instruction before summative assessments).


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