Infographic: How Google Glass Might Be Used in Education

By: Tess Pajaron
Ever since Google announced “Project Glass” in 2012, the education space has been buzzing with speculations about how this technology will affect teachers and students.
Although Glass has only just been made available to the general public and is still too pricey for the average consumer to seriously consider, early adopters have already begun documenting its uses and potential in educational settings.
The following infographic compiled by Open Colleges presents 30 examples of how Google Glass could be used to facilitate learning, from recording and documenting lessons to providing personalized feedback and even organizing virtual field trips.

How Google Glass might be used in Education – An infographic by the team at Open Colleges
Clearly, Google Glass has the potential to effect positive change in education, but whether or not it will become a permanent fixture in classrooms around the world remains to be seen.
What do you think of using Google Glass in education? Are there any other ways in which it could be used to enhance learning?
Tess Pajaron is part of editorial team and Community Manager for InformED, a blog about e-learning and education. On her spare time, she loves to travel and read about current events , education, technology and life psychology. You can personally find her on Twitter. Check out InformED on Twitter and Google+.

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