i-Ready Math: Adaptive Learning for K-8 Math & Reading

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Curriculum Associates has been a trusted education thought leader for years, but they are now considered one of the best providers of an adaptive diagnostic and online instruction. The team, led by former Score! President, Rob Waldron, created the highly recognized blended program, i-Ready®.

Made up of two main components—an adaptive diagnostic and instruction that includes both student online and teacher-led instruction and mobile apps, i-Ready provides an engaging and visually appealing approach to learning.

Built for the Common Core and also correlated to state standards, i-Ready prepares students for the rigor of the CCSS and helps them to succeed on state assessments. Through real-time reporting, it allows educators to track how students are performing against each standard and whether or not they need further remediation or enrichment. Already used by over 1 million registered users, i-Ready is great in a blended learning lab, for accelerating your struggling students, or for supporting summer school supplemental activities.

What makes this even better is that i-Ready K–12 assessments immediately inform teachers on the next steps for instruction in reading and math. By utilizing i-Ready online instruction and Curriculum Associates’ Ready® Common Core instructional print program together (although optional), teachers, parents, and administrators can provide both on and off grade level instruction down to the individual skill level while monitoring and tracking progress.

Using the i-Ready design elements and engine, Curriculum Associates developed two mobile apps, World’s Worst Pet™ and Door 24™, to provide further development in vocabulary and computational fluency.  Both programs have received rave reviews by teachers and parents and have appeared on multiple top app lists.

Waldron wholeheartedly believes in the power of adaptive technology and doesn’t just mean “individualized learning” or “differentiated instruction.” “I am talking about the ability to constantly adjust the content students interact with in order to better suit the learner and support personalized learning. This can only be done with information and data collected during the course of learning,” said Waldron.

Compared to other market-leading assessments, i-Ready gives teachers real-time student data information and the ability for monthly progress monitoring. It also has an easy to follow roadmap to engaging instructional content. It’s aligned to Common Core and/or your state standards and is designed to allow teachers to drive what is happening with every student.

Curriculum Associates also provides other reading, mathematics, and special education printed materials. With a talented and driven team, they are striving to be the best company to go on this ever-changing education journey with.

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