Boost Science Literacy with Music

If you ever watched Bill Nye the Science Guy, you probably remember the song parodies his episodes featured, which rewrote the lyrics of popular songs with scientific themes. Sure, getting the song stuck in your head will probably help you remember a few facts, but the benefits of music to learning science could go beyond just helping your memory.
Check out this recent article from the University of Washington, which suggests that music can help you learn science not necessarily by including mnemonics, but by relaxing and engaging you. After you read that, check out, a database of thousands of songs about science and math. Their navigation isn’t the most obvious–search for songs under ‘Find/Add Songs’ and click on the little purple buttons by each song.
A few of my favorite songs about science from around the web: Fossil Rock Anthem, Bill Nye’s Air Pressure, Large Hadron Rap, Biologist’s Mother’s Day Song, anything from Symphony of Science and a lot from Geek Pop. And let’s not forget They Might Be Giants’ entire album of science-themed songs called “Here Comes Science” (check out my favorite song on the album: Why the Sun Really Shines).

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