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A lot of attention is given to STEM apps, and rightly so. But we shouldn’t forget about reading, writing, and the language arts. Let’s say you give your students a writing assignment. It could be a fictional story, a book summary, or, in our example below, a persuasive essay. Here are a series of mobile apps that your students can use for this assignment.

  • Kidspiration Maps – Mind maps can be helpful devices for brainstorming and creating story outlines. Your students can start here to plan their essay.
  • Rhyme Zone – Younger students will enjoy this tool for finding rhymes. Perhaps not useful in persuasive writing, their poems will sing like melodic chimes.
  • English Thesaurus – When the right word is, um, not in your head, sometimes you need a thesaurus for that, uh, right word.
  • Shake-a-Phrase – Students still stuck? This app can be used for writing prompts and vocabulary building. Better for silly stories than serious essays.
  • Writing An Opinion – Learning how to write persuasively is not easy. This app walks students through the necessary steps to craft compelling compositions.

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