Infographic: Busting Myths About Online Learning

The Getting Smart Team is excited to share the latest resource to be added to DLN’s Smart Series collection — the new infographic from Digital Learning Now!  entitled “Busting Myths About Online Learning.”

This infographic complements the recent white paper release “Online Learning: Myths, Reality & Promise” that was co-authored by Smart Series regulars John Bailey, Carri Schneider and Tom Vander Ark, with the addition of iNACOL’s Susan Patrick. DLN, Getting Smart & iNACOL  put their collective expertise and experience together to tackle online learning myths, since leaving current myths unchallenged prohibits student access to a growing field of quality online opportunities. All three organizations champion the potential of high-quality online learning to bring personalized learning to students in a way that has not yet been possible at scale.

These three organizations came together last week to host a webinar that covered online learning myths and realities, as well as strategies and resources related to the implementation of online learning. The recording of the webinar and accompanying powerpoint are available for free download.  For more on implementation, check out the “How to Start An Online Learning Program” infographic. More information on policies that support online learning can be found on DLN’s interactive digital learning report card website and accompanying report.

The DLN Smart Series, which explores 8 topics at the intersection of digital learning and the Common Core over the last year, will be bundled and released as a free ebook late summer/early fall. Authors are collecting feedback on the series to help guide them as they craft updated versions of the papers. Send your feedback to [email protected].
Click here to download the infographic

7.18.13 MYTHS-infographic2_FINAL FOR RELEASE_07-17-2013

Disclosures: Digital Learning Now is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner. 
Tom is a director at iNACOL

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