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It was great to participate in Monday’s #EdTechChat (Monday’s at 8pmET) after missing the past few – who knew missing two weeks of a Twitter chat could be so hard? This week we discussed digital resources in the classroom and as always had a lively stream of resources, debates and stories. The chat participants seem to agree that two of the major challenges to implementing digital resources are support and time. Without support from peers, admins and IT department, implementing change alone can be daunting. Teachers and students also need to time to be creative, implement successfully and allow for some level of failure. Not every resource will work as planned and having the confidence to keep trying is so important.
Make sure to check out the wiki page for archives of the chat and info on the fabulous hosts from this week.
Q1: How are you using digital resources in the classroom?

  • lodtrain: Using Social Media, Yammer to blend with elearning or facilitator led to post q&a and more
  • principal64: A1, unfortunately little bit at a time, SmartBoards, senteos, doc cameras, never enough
  • joshuakoen: A1: Google Apps have to be the most powerful digital resource , now if only we could screencast on one of our Chromebooks!
  • MrStaubSTEM: A1- I use digital resources every day. I teach in a 1:1 laptop program, and as a Social Studies teacher, I don’t have a textbook
  • SrtaLisa: A1 Digital resources have replaced our textbooks in many courses and made assessment (formative & summative) better
  • gpworden: A1: I use everything I can get my hands on to develop PD eCourses, then share what works with classroom teachers when I can.
  • beckitharp: A1 We use digital resources to create & curate work, and to share our learning with others.

Q2: What do teachers need to use digital resources in the classroom?

  • keightyeight: A2 Teachers need support from the administration but also input from students
  • echTeacherT: A2: A reliable Internet connection
  • airosedtech: A2: I’ll tell you what the DON’T need: They don’t need to be 100% experts on digital media nor should they be intimidated
  • sesmithflipmath: Q2: PD!!
  • NLHSprincipal: A2: Admins who allow Ts to take risks and try different methods & styles.
  • ajpodchaski: A2: Teachers need time to curate resources, as well as develop continuity between lessons in order to animate the classroom
  • stmbaker: A2: The courage to adopt a different approach as they incorporate digital resources. Otherwise, it’s still teacher-centered.
  • ryanhorne0076: A2: Always comes down to time and support. We need to make time & give constant support. Make the 1st lesson for them. #edtechchat

Q3: Are you using digital resources to supplement or replace textbooks?

  • MrStaubSTEM: A3- As a social studies teacher, I use digital resources to REPLACE textbooks. Why pay a publisher to do what Ss can do now?
  • NuSkoolOfficial: A3: Yes, many digital resources are far more effective at conveying ideas and concepts than textbooks
  • swpax: A3: Yes, we are next yr a full 1:1 netbook school, making shift to online/dig texts. Lighten backpacks, make ’em mobile
  • sstorm01: A3 my Ss never opened up a text book this year – 6th soc stud. – learned more this year than ever
  • TechTeacherT: A3: Yeppers, digital resources are more up to date than history textbooks
  • mottav8or: A3: using interactive books and creating our own books to replace books in some instances
  • MaineSchoolTech: A3: Shakespeare has come alive for my students, not dead on a textbook page, but interactive, alive, breathing for my students

Q4: What are your favorite digital resources to use in the classroom? (below is a list of some of the amazing resources shared)

  • Schoology
  • Nooks and Kindle’s
  • Edmodo
  • Google: Google Apps, Google Drive, Google Hangouts
  • Apple: Apple TV, iTunes U, iMovie
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Skype
  • Videos: TED Talks, Khan Academy, Animoto
  • Infographics
  • http://qcsd-resources.wikispaces.com/Digital+Resources+Home
  • Presentation/Lesson Plans tools: Near pod,  Keynote, educreations, Prezi, Flipboard
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • Haiku LMS
  • Voicethread
  • Sketchup

Q5: Do you create digital resources for classroom use or use pre-existing ones?

  • RafranzDavis: A5 I like to create my own sometimes because hearing YOU can sometimes inspire creativity with kids & that is ALWAYS the goal!
  • Gregbagby: A5. Creation is part of the learning process.
  • Kairosedtech: A5: We’ve been serious about content creation: one of the highest forms of learning! goo.gl/9ZmEJ
  • Learn21Tech: A5: both – and use learning analytics in @ClassroomSalon
  • ryanhorne0076: A5: Don’t reinvent the wheel. start with something good and make it better. youtu.be/ZJHPpsb3FzM
  • NuSkoolOfficial: A5: The next generation of jobs will require employees to create digital resources, so why not get students started now?
  • elech: A5: For me, I prefer to mix pre-created with self made…depending on quality, needs, what will work best for students, etc.
  • Scherrology: A5 Create, create, create. It promotes creativity & deeper thinking/learning. Ss create to connect. Powerful.

Q6: Where can teachers learn about digital resources to learn in the classroom?

  • gabemccollum: A6: twitter!
  • MaineSchoolTech: A6: The best way to teach/learn tech is to put smart people together of all skill levels; #edcamp & twitter have been AMAZING
  • ryanhorne0076: A6: Teachers need leaders to come to them. Set up accounts for them, give them lessons, give support. Do the lead work.
  • gpworden: A6: Each other, their tech department, PLN – tech is everywhere, it’s not about where can I find it, but how will it help me?!?
  • Scherrology: Q6 Their students. Dare to give Ss the chance to teach you. No higher form of learning than teaching.
  • garnet_hillman: A6 twitter and edmodo have changed the way I teach
  • MaineSchoolTech: A6: If we combine open-minded people with tech-skilled people then we get great questions and great answers; key is that mix
  • gabemccollum: A6: Learn by exploring…set aside some time to play & discover..it will inspire you & motivate students

Quote of the Night:

thomascmurray: Schools have a habit of telling kids what to learn, when to learn, and how to learn. Technology can help break that cycle.

Caroline Vander Ark

Caroline is President of Getting Smart.

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