Neuroscience Symposium

MIND Research Institute, the makers of ST Math are hosting a Neuroscience Symposium: The Neural Foundation for Learning Math in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday, February 20th. ST Math is a visual based blended learning math program. Founder Matthew Peterson will lead the events of the day with a hands-on experience for the audience.
Here is what MIND Research had to say about the event:

Today’s learners are bombarded with more information than any other generation. How do we make sure that we reach them with the right information, and the right way? Dr. Peterson will share insights into how our brains process information, and how we can use these insights to create the most effective, and engaging, instructional materials, methods and tools for today’s learners, and ensure that they are prepared for success in school and in our knowledgebased economy.

View the full invite here.

Caroline Vander Ark

Caroline is President of Getting Smart.

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