It’s been said before. The cost of college is rising between tuition, housing, and textbook costs. Yet, one area to cut spending for students is in the cost of learning materials. Open educational resources (OER) have been sweeping the market, especially with the help of higher education movers and shakers like and Open Courseware Consortium. The infographic below shows how open textbooks can save students big money on earning an education.

Check out our coverage of open textbooks and OER below:

The Open Textbook Challenge


  1. Tom Vander Ark, please keep the Google+ crowd in the loop with any news. I’m using a FlatWorldKnowledge text in two of my classes now. What their pricing becomes will be factored into my Fall 2013 decisions.

    An OER aspect I don’t hear in discussion: Does price matter if Texas Board of Education is driving content? Senior HS texts and college freshman texts can overlap. Yes they can.


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