Udemy App Launch Turns iPad Into a Learning Tool

News Release: Udemy App Launch Turns iPad Into a Learning Tool
iPads everywhere can now be used for online, on-demand learning transforming commutes and couch time

Udemy, the largest marketplace for online courses, announces the launch of its iPad app, giving students an easier way to learn skills wherever they go and making lifelong learning even more accessible.
In a recent survey, 90 percent of Udemy students said they took courses from the marketplace tolearn relevant skills that would help them advance their professional careers. Using Udemy, students learn the skills they need, such as Web Development, SEO and Photoshop. Now it’s easier than ever for Udemy’s user base of career-driven students to stay ahead of the curve and ensure their skills are relevant for today’s marketplace .
Employers are more demanding than ever and professionals have to remain agile and learn quickly. That’s where Udemy comes in, equipping students with an amazing lifelong learning environment and the knowledge they need to get ahead.
“The future of learning is mobile and the iPad is the perfect lifelong learning device,” said Eren Bali, CEO and co-founder of Udemy. “Udemy students are extremely active and want access to learning regardless of time or location. The app builds on Udemy’s promise of connecting students with the world’s experts by turning idle time into a learning opportunity.”
Udemy launched the iPad app so learning is always an option despite the demands of packed schedules at work and home. Instead of playing games on the long commute or on the couch, iPad users can use that valuable time to advance their careers by learning new skills. This downtime is now an opportunity for anyone to watch a lecture, participate in course discussion or absorb knowledge they can use.
Notable iPad appfeatures include:

  • Watch on the go: Access to all video and audio lectures, presentations and any other course materials right from the app.
  • View offline: Save courses and watch them wherever students go. Learning is no longer confined to the classroom or students’ desktop computers.
  • Engage from anywhere: Ask questions or start a conversation with instructors and other students while working within the app.
  • Discover new courses: Enroll in any course from Udemy’s entire course catalog of more than 5,000 courses published by experts from around the world.

Udemy iPad usershave access to world-class instructors like:

  • Lean startup guru, Eric Ries
  • Yoga expert, Sadie Nardini
  • Serial entrepreneur, Steve Blank
  • Corporate trainer, Mark Lassoff

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