4 Election Day Coverage Highlights

It’s election day! Months of campaigning come to a close tonight as we all sit in anticipation to see the results around the country. We’ve collected a few of our favorite election coverages in recent weeks.

Get Out the Vote Gangnam Style

Houston students, teachers, and principals published a catchy “Get Out the Vote” video to the viral video and song “Gangnam Style.” Our team loves catchy, educational tunes.

2012 CompassLearning Mock Presidential Debate

CompassLearning published a video of two sixth graders participating in a mock presidential debate. We loved their comedic commentary on the debates. Yet, what we loved most is that these two candidates would increase edtech in the classroom.

Can social media predict the popular vote?

STATETECH recently published an infographic on popular vote predictions based on social media discussions. We found it interesting that Washington and Nevada allowed individuals to register to vote on Facebook.

What influences youth voting?

The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) published interesting stats on what influences youth voting. We found it interesting that today’s youth is more likely to vote if a friend or parents asks them to do so.


Getting Smart Staff

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adrienne albregts

Thanks for mentioning our mock presidential debate! The other highlights were great, too. Now get out there and VOTE!

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