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Tom and Karen Pick “Why the Next Four Years Will Be Better”

Tom says, “Roger Altman is bullish on the U.S. economy. I’d add learning to his rationale: as a growth sector of the economy, as an engine of better college/career preparation.” Karen says says, “I just love any positive news in this negative campaign season.”

Caroline Picks “Got iPads? Now Get Apple TV

Caroline says, “I love the ways Apple TV has improved my media viewing experience between TV, laptop and iPad. I appreciate that Allison was able to highlight ways Apple TV can transform a classroom. Such creative ways to engage students and share material quickly and easily.”

Carri Picks “Good Work: When Bliss Doesn’t Pay the Bills.”

Carri says, “I’ve always believed in the importance of ‘following your bliss’ and love any reminder to do just that. So many of us in the field of education are here for the exact reasons the article lays out – because we were captured by a calling or inspired by a vision for a better future.”

Sarah Picks “Can Online College Education Ever Really Be Free?”

Sarah says, “Driving down the cost of education and learning with schools like the University of the People can expand access to learning for many and reignite a pasion for others. I’m excited to check out a few classes and see where I can expand my knowledge.”

Allison Picks “Photo Story: The School Fund Travels to Tanzania & Nairobi Providing Scholarships”

Allison says, “I really enjoyed this photo field trip of the great work that The School Fund is doing across the world. Makes you really think about not taking for granted all that we have access to here in the U.S.”

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