Staff Picks: Opportunity Gap, Resilience & Learning Apps

Karen and Carri Pick “The Education Response to the Opportunity Gap”

Karen says, “There’s still lots of work to do to improve the opportunity gap. I really appreciate all of the groups mentioned here. Not time to slow down on equity.”
Carri says, “Tom does a great job here of explaining all the ways that education can level the playing field. I’m always amazed when I read an article like the one from David Brooks that triggered Tom’s response. Sure, education isn’t a panacea, but it is certainly a strong contender for the most important component of closing the opportunity gap.”

Caroline Picks “Learning Spaces Pinterest Board

Caroline says, “I had a few interesting conversations this week about allowing students to help design the classroom of the future. I love the idea of students driving what innovative school models should look like. Students are thoughtful and creative about the spaces they would like to learn in. This Pinterest board is a neat way to envision what learning spaces for blended and online learning can look like in the home.”

Sarah Picks “What the PGA Can Teach Us About Value-Added Modeling”

Sarah says, “This was such a clever post! I enjoy thinking about how the methods and lessons from other industries and markets can have a positive impact on the education market.”

Allison Picks “10 Apps That Combine Learning With Fun”

Allison says, “These learning apps provide a great opportunity for youth to learn outside of the classroom using a tool they probably already use on a daily basis. It’s great to see these being created for so many different topics that kids may not encounter in the classroom.”

Tom Picks “Resilience Monitoring Tool Could Be Good for Troops–and Students

Tom says, “I’m glad there are folks like Dr. Russell Shilling at DARPA thinking about new ways to monitor health and boost learning.

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