Staff Picks: Online Speech, Partisanship, Online PD, Bill Nye

Tom Picks “Telepractice Brings Online Speech Services to School Districts of all Sizes”

Tom says, “It’s great to see innovations in blended learning benefiting special needs student.  Online speech therapy works better for students, teachers and districts.”

Karen Picks “Partisanship is Ruining Public Education”

Karen says, “This article expresses my thoughts exactly. Well said Tom!”

Caroline Picks “Bill Nye “The Science Guy” Changes the World One Summer Science Video at a Time”

Caroline says, “Interviewing Bill for this piece this week was a highlight. I appreciate his fun approach to learning science and commitment to helping students keep learning through out the summer. STEM education is becoming such an important factor in students being college and career ready and finding a way to make it fun and engaging is powerful. I applaud Sophia and Bill Nye for this partnership. Plus you have to appreciate a man with that many bow ties!”

Carri Picks “3 Shift to the Paradigm of Online Professional Development

Carri says, “We talk a lot about how online environments can transform learning for students, but not enough about the potential to transform learning for teachers. The possibility of a new paradigm for PD with the right instruction, platform, and content in place to actually accomplish what PD is supposed to do is really exciting!”

Sarah Picks Bill Nye The Science Guy

Sarah says, “It sure was fun interviewing Bill Nye! I grew up watching his science shows.”

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