The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation recently released an infographic on the Ed-Fi Tool Suite, a universal educational data standard and tool suite, showcasing its significant gains in momentum and use in eight K-12 state education agencies, districts and vendors and the potential of educational data.

“At the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, we believe that the absence of a widely-adopted data standard is the fundamental element that has kept the education sector stuck in its old ways of doing business,” said Lori Fey, Director, Policy Initiatives, US Education at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. “We believe that improvement and innovation in the education sector are within reach, and that states, districts and vendors that move aggressively to standardize their data and systems will unlock the potential of both.”

Ed-Fi, a free edtech solution, enables data systems to work together to provide holistic portraits of students, empowering educators with relevant, timely, student-centric information. Fey adds, “Ed-Fi fills the persistent need in the education sector to harness the power of data already collected in school districts and states.”


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