Innosight Institute Classifies K-12 Blended Learning In New Report

Innosight Institute released “Classifying K-12 Blended Learning,” a report written by Heather Staker and Michael B. Horn defining blended learning and providing context for the models and methods in which it’s used in the classroom.
The report takes a close look at rotation, flex, self-blend and enriched virtual models and gives thorough explanation to how these models differ from the ones defined in the January 2012 report, “The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning.” The report states, “the most notable change is the condensing of the six blended-learning models to four.”
The report removed the face-to-face driver model, changed the definition of the flex model, subdivided the rotation model and changed the name of the online-driver model. These definitions will clarify the infrastructure, training and efforts made by educational institutions to implement blended learning as well as clarify the ways in which these models are already being used in schools across the country and globe.
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