Pearson launched a higher education solution that will partner institutions to offer low cost self-paced programs.  Propero is designed to increase access to higher education.  Pearson announced the Ivy Tech will use Propero to expand degree completions. options.

“Higher education institutions are challenged by fewer resources at their disposal. At the same time, demand for a college education remains high. We created Propero to help colleges increase access to their general education courses at lower cost to students. Propero offers assessment-driven instruction and is a self-paced, student-directed model that’s highly supported by tutors and advisors. It’s designed to supplement the courses taught by faculty and gives institutions another way to offer flexible learning options for their students,” said Don Kilburn, Vice Chairman of Pearson Higher Education and CEO of Pearson Learning Solutions.

Propero-powered solutions will compete with super-low cost options like the $99 per month StraighterLine.

Todd Hitchcock, SVP Online Solutions & Business Development, has been working on this solution for the last year.  Hitchcock, who joined Pearson from Florida Virtual Schools, was a long time board member of iNACO (with Tom).

“We continue to partner with colleges and universities to assist them in their mission to provide diverse, affordable models for students who need more choices,” said Don Kilburn of Pearson.

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