Tom Picks “DJ Your Classroom: The Digital Playlist”

Tom says, “This is phenomenon of recency, but I pick Adam’s dazzling description of a digital learning day and step-by-step instructions on how to be a playlist papa.”

Karen Picks “The NEA Spells Out Support for Blended Learning”

Karen says, “The headline itself is very important.  Agree with the points that Tom makes, but I feel the most important is that the NEA is working the subject and the focus is where it should be – on student learning.”

Caroline Picks “4 Students Impress Ohio House Reps’ Ed Committee in Digital Learning

Caroline says, “During a week focused on digital learning nationwide I loved reading these student testimonies. It’s so important to ask students what they want when it comes to their education. These students are great examples of how digital learning allows for flexibility, variety and challenge that is often not found in a traditional brick and mortar classroom. ”

Sarah Picks “RabbleBrowser: Improve Classroom Management With Mobile Learning”

Sarah says, “RabbleBrowser is such a cool concept to me. I like the idea of being able to share files, screens, and more on iPads with a few swipes and clicks. This would be a great tool for any presentation. What’s more, the two educators piloting this program demonstrate how blended learning can be effective in the classroom.”


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