This month, the former Governor Bob Wise’s Alliance for Excellent Education (Alliance) released “The Digital Imperative: How Technology and Teaching Meet Today’s Education Challenges,” a report showcasing the ways technology can better prepare students for college and career as an update to its report nearly two years ago.

Due to the current education climate and budgetary concerns, the Alliance delivered an update to its policy brief stating three critical challenges: tomorrow’s needs, today’s budgets and teaching. In addition, the report takes a close look at the “leaking pipeline” of students who will not make it through the path to college completion. The solution, the report says, is in digital learning.

Digital learning can improve personalized learning, leverage data and assessment, and increase access to a wider variety of content. The report supports recent policies released by Digital Learning Now!, “10 Elements of High-Quality Digital Learning” and “Roadmap for Reform.”

View the full report.


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