Top 10 iPad Apps for Science Learning

By Amanda Tradwick

The iPad is a great educational tool, and it has a variety of useful apps for learning all types of subjects. There are many great apps for helping students of all ages learn and explore scientific concepts. Here are some of our favorites:

Science 360

This app from the National Science Foundation provides up-to-date images, videos, and news about emerging science and engineering research from NSF-funded institutions. Students can learn about new scientific concepts by seeing them up close and personal. Intended for ages 4 and over. Free

Science Glossary

Get a glossary of science terms with this handy app. Definitions link to related terms and detailed learning modules. Short biographies are also included. Intended for ages 4 and over. Free


Students can view three-dimensional renderings of molecules from multiple angles with this app. Structures can be viewed in different modes, and different molecules can be downloaded from several scientific databases. Intended for ages 4 and over. Free

3D Brain

Explore what we know about the human brain with this 3D model. The app allows you to rotate and zoom to view 29 interactive structures. Information is also provided on the function of each structure, how it is involved in mental illness, links to research, and more. Intended for ages 4 and over. Free

Solar Walk

Students can use this 3D app to move through space and time and to learn more about the solar system and neighboring galaxies. The app also includes 3D models of well-known space satellites. Intended for ages 4 and over. $2.99

PLoS Reader

Students can get instant access to the seven journals published by the Public Library of Science. Articles can also be saved for later offline access. Intended for ages 4 and over. Free

iLab Timer

Budding scientists can time their experiments and store notes about their findings on this app. Up to 10 independent timers can be set, and customization options are available. Intended for ages 4 and over. $0.99

Unit Conversionn Pro

Quickly convert units of measurement for any experiment. Units include measurements of length, weight, area, volume, acceleration, velocity, force, and angles. Intended for ages 4 and over. $0.99


Measure anything that vibrates, shakes, or moves to get a reading. You don’t have to wait until there’s an earthquake: Measure the force of your washer, your cell phone, or your car’s engine. Intended for ages 4 and over. $0.99

Skeptical Science

This app provides information to back up scientific theories and research. “Respond to skeptics with hard science” for debates such as global warming, evolution, and more. Intended for ages 4 and over. Free.
Do you have another favorite science app for the iPad that didn’t make our list? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Ankur Rohatgi

A great list, also check out Xperica HD for interactive physics experiments.


Oh, Nearpod (an app I've using) has amazing presentations to teach science using synchronized iPads! I've tried them :), & and more. My kids' faces... :D


I reccomend this Timeline Eons app, a graphic representation of the entire natural and human history:


I liked Science Stories for Kids:

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