ASCD, Pearson & Marzano Launch New Online Leadership Program

Dr. Marzano, Courtesy of Pearson

ASCD and Pearson announced today a partnership with Marzano Research Laboratory and Dr. Robert Marzano to develop the new, cloud-based Principal Compass™, a comprehensive online leadership program for school principals and leadership teams.
“ASCD is pleased to partner with Pearson and Dr. Marzano to create Principal Compass.  Together, we pool our extensive expertise to create an unmatched set of tools to aid principals as they continue to develop into highly effective leaders supporting the success of each learner,” said ASCD executive director and CEO Dr. Gene R. Carter.
The professional development program is based on Marzano’s studies with accompanying rubrics identifying 24 categories of effective principal leadership. In addition, it supports the Interstate School Licensure Consortium (ISLLC).
Dr. Marzano said, “Our research team has dedicated years to identifying that critical set of skills and behaviors that makes a principal an exceptional leader, along with rubrics that help principals identify growth areas and strategies to make needed improvement. Now, withPrincipal Compass™, we have an organized structure to share this system nationally.  This is a partnership that can ultimately benefit millions of principals, teachers and students across the country.”
“This partnership brings together the absolute top experts on principal effectiveness.  With Dr. Marzano, ASCD and our Pearson team along with exclusive partnerships with authors such as Jon Saphier, Rick Stiggins and Lyle Kirtman, states and districts will now have a tremendous resource for ensuring that their principals are successful as leaders,” said Stefan Kohler, Pearson School’s head of educator effectiveness and professional development.  He added, “This is the only program built from the ground up with the practitioner’s voice and perspective, and the only program that takes into consideration the very real time constraints of a principal’s busy day.”
Principal Compass, which will become a part of Pearson’s Compass Suite™, will debut at this year’s annual ASCD Conference March 24-26 in Philadelphia. For more information, go to

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Melissa Taylor @imaginationsoup

This fills a huge need in education, better principals! I'm a big fan of anything by Marzano, ASCD and Pearson so the tripple threat will be something. Glad to see this!

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