Staff Picks: Online Learning, Digital Learning Day

Tom Picks “What Is the Newest Innovation In Online Learning?”

Tom says, “Michael Staton is right, the biggest innovation in online learning is adoption. Big advocacy efforts like, fewer state barriers, and more great products make 2011 a turning point. Staton also highlights social learning, adaptive & customized learning, and open learning.”

Karen Picks “iLearn Project & Digital Learning Now! Host Wash. Online Learning Symposium”

Karen says, “We’re getting ready for the Washington edition of Digital Learning Day.  It’s great to see a bi-partisan effort to promote e-learning for all students in a state that can benefit from the budgetary and academic efforts that this provides.”

Sarah Picks Digital Learning Day

Sarah says, “I’m looking forward to seeing the ways that educational and learning technologies inspire students February 1, 2012. Perhaps this day will inspire a month, course or even year full of effective ways to integrate personal digital learning into everyday lesson plans.”
Caroline Picks Blended Math Games Getting Big Results  
Caroline says, “With the daily edtech bashing from the NYTimes, it’s great to have hard data and great results from MIND Research Institute.  Their ST Math is used in 1200 schools nationwide.

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