We’ve seen steady debate around social media and education. Some teachers find it a great tool to engage students in learning, while others fear that it crosses a line of privacy. Some see it as a distraction that should be banned from computers school wide while others see it as healthy socializing in the 21st century. Yet, what’s the truth about Facebook and students’ grades?

Dr. Reynol Junco conducted a study with 1,839 undergrads to discover just this. The study reported that among the students surveyed, 92 percent used Facebook regularly and the negative impact of using Facebook more than 102 minutes a day on GPA was minimal. Those with higher GPAs often spent more time sharing links and checking up on friends, while those with lower GPAs spent more time updating their status.

The study concludes that Facebook is not the archenemy of learning, but rather that it can be a socializing trait of good students. View the study Computers in Human Behavior by Reynol Junco for more.

OnlineEducation.net published an infographic recently that illustrates the findings from the study. View the results below:

Facebook and Grades
Via: OnlineEducation.net


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