YouTube for Schools Shows Increased Trend in Videos for Learning

YouTube, the online video network that gained fast popularity by giving people a place to create and publish videos, announced this week that it launched a YouTube exclusive to schools in an effort to bring student-appropriate content to the classroom – a challenge the company has faced for years.
The company launched YouTube EDU March 2009 in an effort to generate increased educational content on its social network that was increasingly known for its entertainment value and was blocked by most K-12 schools. This September it released a YouTube Channel for Teachers with the intent to shape the educational value of YouTube among educators.
The new YouTube for Schools will deliver thousands of educational videos to schools and districts from well-known organizations such as PBS, Stanford and TED for free. School logins restrict students from perusing the wide variety of content available on YouTube and instead gives them access to only the YouTube EDU videos. What’s more, it generates video playlists for educators that align with common standards and curriculum.

While YouTube has worked to create a space appropriate for K-12 audiences, innovators like SchoolTube and Khan Academy have been proving that video is an effective educational tool among students today. SchoolTube, which was developed originally to provide educators with free, quality content around learning, is used by more than 30,000 schools.
SchoolTube is a place that is only intended for K-12 students and teachers. It creates a space where teachers can share educational material, students can develop and publish videos from class projects, and connect with others in an educational network.
Equally so, Khan Academy, which provides short videos that tutor students in math and science, have been available to teachers and students in the classroom to provide quality results around increased learning. Khan Academy’s videos have shown proven results in studies around math and science proficiency.
While YouTube is a popular medium that supports the increased trend in videos for learning, SchoolTube and Khan Academy have developed the sole mission around education and learning to better students’ classroom experience. Their results have proven this focus, goal and success.
*SchoolTube is a Learn Capital Advocacy Partner.

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