Steve Murdock, Ph.D. spoke at the Future of State Universities Conference in Dallas, Texas about how changes in U.S. demographics will affect the structure of universities and the success of America on the whole in the future.

Murdock says we’re developing two populations or demographics:

One that is aging non-hispanic caucasians, and another that is a group of young individuals who are primarily minorities. The second population needs education, says Murdock.

“The future of America is tied to its minority populations,” says Murdock, “and how well they do is how well America will do. And how well they will do, will be how well they are educated as we go forward in time.”

He argues that American universities and colleges needs to take into account the demographic changes and their socio-economic implications as we plan for the future of education in order to be successful. View the video below:

Steve Murdock remarks at Future of State Universities Conference from Academic Partnerships on Vimeo.

Murdock is the Allyn and Gladys Cline Chair in Sociology at Rice University and Director at the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas. For more about the Future of State Universities Conference, go to


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