Top 10+ Free & Cheap Math Learning Apps

Lately, we’ve taken an interest in math games or simulations for increased math learning. Students and parents today can download countless smartphone and tablet apps to increase basic math skills. Today, we’ve compiled ten math learning apps that are worth a try!

  1. Visual Math: KickBox and KickBox Lite
    KickBox, a math game created by MIND Research Institute and inspired by its penguin Jiji®, helps students learn key math concepts visually. Students use mirrors to position lasers to knock the boulders out of the way for the penguin. This app is a great tool to reinforce multistep thinking.
  2. Numbers: Elevated Math
    This free app, created by Elevated Math Press, walks students through basic math problems to learn numbers, algebra, measurements, geometry and more. The lessons bundled in this app are recommended for grades four to eight. According to the site, this app can be used for SAT and ACT studying.
  3. Numbers: Motion Math Zoom
    Motion Math Zoom, a free app for elementary students, helps kids learn numbers and decimals with a fun and engaging game.
  4. Geometry: iCrosss
    iCrosss, priced at $0.99, is complex app that helps students dive into geometry concepts with 3D drawings and descriptions of shapes. In the app, students can easily rotate the drawings and diagrams to get a concrete grasp of the shapes.
  5. Algebra: HMH Fuse: Algebra 1
    Created by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH, this app brings an Algebra 1 textbook to life with interactive graphs, tools and equations! What’s more, it includes 400 tutorial videos, step-by-step examples, quizzes and more to engage students in math learning. Yet the best part about it is that it’s – free.
  6. Algebra: Algebra Pro – Complete Workbook with ShowMe Lessons
    Developed from the popular ShowMe app among teachers, this free app includes an interactive workbook with 100 practice questions that include ShowMe support videos.
  7. Calculus: Video Calculus
    Similar to the Khan Academy videos, this app gives you more than 2 hours worth of free calculus instruction through its visual videos. It also includes 15 free featured lessons.
  8. Probability & Statistics: Statistics 1 for iPad
    This statistics app, priced at $4.99, provides students with interactive tutorials, lessons and quizes to learn statistics. It’s like having a statistics textbook in your pocket – only better.
  9. Applying Math: Rocket Math
    In this app, students complete math problems in order to build their own rockets. Once they build their rockets, they’re able to explore space with 56 math missions. It’s recommended for all ages and costs just $0.99.
  10. Applying Math: SpaceTime for iPad or MathStudio
    This is one powerful app for just $2.99. Students can create 2D and 3D diagrams using a graphic calculator. It’s definitely worth checking out.
  11. Math Game: MathBlaster HyperBlast
    We’re big fans of fun learning. Created for ages six and over, this game looks like something out of an arcade. It’s brightly colored, fast-paced and engaging. This free app includes three game levels and 30 math lessons.
What math apps are your students using?

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One of the best trig apps out there if not the best - Trigonmetry All-In-One
I compiled everything in this app that I saw was good in other apps so it should include most of the information you need


Basic Math: Android application "Math Skill Builder". Help to learn math facts faster and with fun.


nice way to teach students who can't understand maths.

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