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Jobs for the Future (JFF) released Testing Ground: How Florida Schools and Colleges Are Using a New Assessment to Increase College Readiness, a report by Pamela Burdman that describes how Florida’s Division of Colleges and K-12 partners designed and launched a new placement test as a part of a greater college-readiness plan.

Florida has been in the spotlight this year as a national leader on several fronts. Not only has it shown great leadership in online learning, but the state has also given light to a “familiar tool in education reform – assessment.”

Data is at the center of Florida’s assessment strategy to implement a college readiness policy that better prepares students for college and life. The report talks about working with K-12 and university instructors to create solutions that align with the new Common Core State Standards. In addition, the report looks at the structure of developmental education, the analysis of PERT to identify students’ needs, and the design of remedial courses tailored to students’ individual learning.

Click here to learn more about the report. For more, also view JFF’s report High Flyers: Policies and Strategies that Boost Developmental Education Success in Florida’s Community Colleges by Lande Ajose, Ria Sengupta Bhatt and Gagandeep Kaur.


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