Top 10+ Educational Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to get news and information while you’re multitasking. Oftentimes, I listen to podcasts in the car, at the gym, while house cleaning, etc. Here are a few of my favorite news sources in the educational space:

  1. The Education Gladfly Show
    The Education Gladfly Show by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute brings an entertaining review of recent politics, news and research in education and learning.
  2. NPR Topics: Education Podcast
    This NPR podcast looks at opinions from educational experts, teachers and more to cover topics around the science of learning, classroom dynamics, and more.
  3. APM: American RadioWorks
    American RadioWorks delivers some interesting podcasts that are educational about perspectives around the U.S. Some of its most recent documentaries, Workplace U and Who Needs an English Major?, have brought great insight to the way our world is changing, what degrees are needed for success and more.
  4. TEDTalks Education
    You can view this podcast as an audio or video recording. This podcast captures some of the best TED presentations around the globe as it relates to education.
  5. CNN Student News (video)
    CNN Students News is a daily video podcasts by journalists and educators for high school students. This podcast may supply some great teaching material for the classroom.
  6. Education Coverage | PBS NewsHour Podcast | PBS
    This podcast by PBS brings the latest news and reports in education.
  7. Education Podcast with John Merrow | PBS
    This podcast is based on John Merrow’s Learning Matters that tackles ideas and issues around youth and learning.
  8. Education Next
    The Education Next podcast brings opinion to education policies with stories, interviews and discussions in education.

On iTunes, you’ll also find iTunes U, which provides a wealth of podcasts, apps and more that have educational value. Some of my favorite podcasts here include Science Magazine, Princeton University Podcasts, Grammar Girl, and Big Ideas.
What are you listening to?

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Tom Vander Ark

gotta add by RiShawn Biddle

Jeff Bradbury

The TeacherCast Podcast is a weekly show featuring great educators such as yourself. We discuss educational technology and other topical issues concerning classroom education.

Joshua Johnson

I would add HackEducation to that list too!


Check out “Leading from the Classroom,” a new podcast series featuring firsthand accounts from the 2016 State Teachers of the Year. Each episode features a different teacher sharing a personal and poignant moment that crystalized the importance of teaching and of being a teacher. The teachers speak as advocates and ambassadors for sound education policy, for the teaching profession, and for the needs of their students.

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