Florida Virtual Schools Increases Its Online Course Offerings

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) announced today seven new course offerings this fall, adding to its catalog of more than 110 free online courses for Florida students. New courses include Guitar 1, AP Art History, AP Human Geography, French 1, Sociology, Journalism and Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications for high schoolers.
Online courses allow students to gain exposure to a wider variety of learning that many public schools are simply unable to offer due to access to resources, teachers or classrooms. One of the most unique offerings FLVS is adding is Guitar 1, which introduces basics of music and guitar. In this online course, students practice skills, play the guitar and perform for the instructor throughout the course.
Advanced Placement courses online help students who are high-achievers – or as Fordham has coined the “High Flyers” – gain access to higher-bar courses that feed their drive to excel. FLVS now offers 15 AP courses with the addition of its AP Art History, and AP Human Geography courses.
In addition, knowing a foreign language is an increasingly important skill. FLVS is adding French to its lineup of Chinese, Latin and Spanish, which will help students succeed in an increasingly globally-connected world.
In addition to offering new courses this fall, FLVS has developed Algebra 1, Geometry and Biology to help students prepare for the End of Course Assessments.
For more, visit www.flvs.net/coursecatalog.

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