Gov. Bob Wise Announces Digital Learning Day

The Alliance for Excellent Education and its partners call on teachers, schools, principals, community leaders, parents, and students to participate in the first-ever national Digital Learning Day February 1, 2011.
Digital Learning Day will celebrate innovative teaching practices, personalized learning and more through the use of digital learning tools that will prepare students for the 21st century.
“Digital Learning Day is more than just a day,” said Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education, cochair of Digital Learning Now!, and former governor of West Virginia. “It is about building a digital learning movement that provides teachers with better tools to truly provide a quality education for every child.”
“The use of technology has made nearly everything in modern life more efficient, accessible, richer, and faster. It is hard to imagine modern life without the rapid innovations that have boosted productivity, created jobs, and changed daily life, yet education remains largely untouched by the power of technology in the classroom and particularly in teaching and learning.”
“Simply layering on technology alone will not move the education needle very much. Effective technology combined with great teachers and engaged students have the potential to transform the world of learning. The time has come to ensure that every child has access to the engaging experience that comes with powerful teaching and rigorous content available through digital learning. The teachers are here, the technology is everywhere, and the students are ready and able. Now it’s time to put it all together.”
“Digital learning erases the line between high tech or high teach. To prepare all students for the global economy, the nation must have both—high tech and high teach. Digital learning gives teachers more opportunities to personalize education, utilize data and content more efficiently, and be more innovative in their teaching to ensure all students meet today’s challenging standards.”
Gov. Wise announced Digital Learning Day at the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s 2011 Excellence in Action National Summit on Education Reform.
“Technology has transformed almost every area of life except the most important area—education,” said Jeb Bush, chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, cochair of Digital Learning Now!, and former governor of Florida. “Digital learning empowers students with the ability to customize their education to master critical knowledge and skills at the time and pace that best fits their needs. State leaders must harness the power of technology and adopt policies that will provide every student with high-quality, rigorous courses that prepare them for success in college and their careers.”
Initial support for Digital Learning Day comes from leading content and technology companies including Google, Intel Corporation, SMART Technologies, Epsilen, GlobalScholar, and Pearson Foundation. Additional partners in Digital Learning Day include Carnegie Corporation of New York and nearly twenty leading national organizations representing educators, leaders, and the best in thinking about educational technology and learning, as well as an advisory group of twenty-five educators.
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