NewSchools Presents: Education Entrepreneurs on the Future of Education

NewSchools, a venture fund working to transform education by supporting entrepreneurs, wrapped up its inspiring Education Entrepreneurs series yesterday with a closing video from several of its featured edupreneurs over the past four weeks.
“NewSchools Presents: Education Entrepreneurs on the Future of Education,” highlights the forward-thinking ideas of Larry Rosenstock, Jessica Cunningham, Sal Khan, Bill Jackson, Alexandra Bernadotte, Scott Given, and Matt Candler.
These big thinkers believe that education is on the edge of a shift with great, new ideas for the future, including:

  • A more diverse pool of talent among teachers and administrators
  • Greater variety in learning experiences
  • Increased participation and voice in educational delivery
  • Increased impact and mainstream development of entrepreneur-driven education
  • Greater interconnectedness and cooperation among stakeholders
  • Increased flow of ideas and an evolved sharing culture, and
  • A rebuilding of the system to better serve communities and stakeholders.

It’s the ideas of innovative education entrepreneurs that will inspire much needed change and reform in our systems to deliver more efficient, inventive and effective teaching tools, learning models and technologies to develop students who are equipped for the future. As Obama mentioned in his San Francisco speech Saturday, a strong education will drive a better economy in the U.S.
Education, especially in areas of STEM, is an essential piece to the puzzle of our future economic growth and innovation. Eduprenuers can drive this success. View the final video by NewSchools below:

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